City of Kumba

Kumba City
The great city of Kumba is a cosmopolitan city in the South West region of Cameroon. Kumba has an estimated population of about 400.000 inhabitants. The indigenes of Kumba are the Bafaws and Bakundus. Most people in Kumba speak English, Pidgin and French.

Kumba is the biggest town in the South West region of Cameroon. Kumba is home to the famous Lake Barombi Mbo which is the largest volcanic lake in Cameroon. The city is a trade center for Cocoa and Palm Oil, including Rubber and has a timber industry as well. Kumba is a local road junction, making it the main commercial town in Anglophone Cameroon.

Most of the people in Kumba are farmers and this has made Kumba one of the leading towns in Cameroon that provide foodstuff to its neighboring towns and cities not leaving out some neighboring countries like Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Chad and a good number of African Countries.

The main healthcare institution is the Kumba District Hospital which serves the Populace of Kumba. Because of its location as a local road junction, converging major divisions like Ndian, Meme, Manyu, and Kupe Manenguba, this hospital also serves as the reference hospital for the cities and villages in these divisions and its environs